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A visit from Lao Hetou School in Xiongan new district to our school
Time:2018-9-29 20:40:39      Read:426      Translator:42 middle school

Zhang Zhenfeng, Deputy director general from Education Bureau in Xiongan new district and Li Jihong, the principal of Lao Hetou School with 6 persons paid a visit to our school on September 28th . Li Yaqing, principal of our school, Ping Xingrui---party general branch secretary with deputy principal Yang Lin, Qian Chenghong, Wang Suxin, Li Yulan welcomed their visit enthusiastically.

The advertising video of 42 Middle School was played in the meeting room, with the explanation from Principal Li, visitors obtained a deeply comprehension about our school.

Principal Li said “ we need to cooperate with each other more deeply, learn from each other more strongly and attain a win-win result.” 

Deputy Director Zhang indicated that the powerful strength from 42 Middle School gave them more confidence to build up the education in Xiongan new district.

After that, Principal Li and Principal Li from Lao Hetou signed “ the collaboration between 42 Middle School and Lao Hetou School”, which imply a brand new outset for both schools.


Deputy Director Zhang and Principal Li looked around our campus companied by Principal Li from 42 Middle School.

In the end, both sides put forward some effective strategies on the topics of counteraction of teaching, guidance of teachers and support education.

It is believed that under the perseverance of both schools, the education in two sides will realize codeveloplment, which will also contribute to the education in New District as international, worldwide, Chinese-characteristic and high-spot education.


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